Alpine Angus Autumn 2018 Bull Sale

Join us on 6 March 2018 for our annual Alpine Angus Autumn Bull Sale. 101 HBR and APR Angus bulls!

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Alpine Angus Autumn Bull Sale

The Alpine Autumn Bull Sale to be held at the Alpine Selling Complex on 6 March 2018, will offer 101 HBR and APR registered bulls for sale by auction.

This year’s Sale bulls boasts a wonderful array of structurally correct bulls with very good Birth to Growth spreads and carcase traits.

A key feature of the March 2018 Alpine bull sale will be 10 sons by Coonamble Hector, sire of the record setting $190,000 Millah Murrah Prue M4.


Alpine Angus have been great to us, great help. They've given us great support with our bulls, always follow up after the event. Are always quite willing to come and see the bulls through a couple of visits a year.

Wayne Turner – Tom Groggin Station

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